What is Life with Less?

Our platform is a treasure trove of advice, musings, inquiries, solutions, and assistance tailored for individuals seeking to minimize their ecological impact and adopt a simpler, more wholesome way of living. We base our assessments of life choices and subsequent recommendations on three fundamental principles:

  • Is it sustainable?
  • Is it feasible?
  • Is it economical?

We inhabit reality’s realm. While deeply committed to environmental preservation, human rights, and animal welfare, we also navigate careers, aspirations, financial constraints, and time limitations. We adopt a pragmatic approach, continuously evaluating options to identify the most viable sustainable, practical, and cost-effective solutions that align with our lifestyle.

We harbor distaste for plastic, relish books, dabble in writing, embrace travel, impart knowledge, prioritize frugality, revel in DIY projects, savor coffee, delight in culinary pursuits, explore nature trails, and indulge in reverie. Amid a world fixated on accumulation, we strive for a life characterized by simplicity.

What are we not?

We aren’t flawless. Absolute perfection eludes us. While our aim is to uphold sustainability, practicality, and affordability, there are instances where our actions deviate from these ideals—we’re only human, after all!

We don’t strictly adhere to vegetarianism, veganism, zero-waste, or minimalism. However, we actively endeavor to curtail our consumption of meat, dairy, and plastic, while possessing minimal possessions.